nylon union

Nylon Union are a post-rock band formed in July 2000 in Bratislava, Slovakia. The founding members were guitarist/singer Richard Imrich and bassist Martin Turzík. Drummer and trumpet player Matúš Homola joined the group in November 2001. Their sound has been described as cool, relaxing, cosmopolitan, intoxicated with a jazzy lounge vibe, colored with electronic samples, and rocked-out with bass, guitars, and drums. Nylon Union’s music has been influenced by a wide variety of styles including droning neo-psychedelic noise sound of late 1980s. Nylon Union combines elements of shoegazing, electronica and ambient with a pop/rock tradition.

formation of nylon union

Martin and Richard met in the late 1990s as students at the Mlynská dolina campus in Bratislava. After leaving This is Kevin, Richard accumulated several demo tracks, which later served as a basis for Nylon Union’s setlist. At that time Martin’s former band The Champs broke up and the bassist was enthusiastic to form a new band with Richard. A name for the newly-formed project was discussed and eventually they settled on “Nylon Union”.

oxeyed ep and deadred records

Forming of the band coincided with founding of the Deadred Records by Martin; the record label was formally announced on the Pohoda festival in summer of 2000. An apartment at Belehradska St., Bratislava became band’s official headquarters in August 2000. In fall 2000, four brand new tracks were finalized and production work started on band’s debut. Nylon Union’s Oxeyed EP (DR E001) was released on December 10th 2000 in an unorthodox 3 inch mini CD single format. The Oxeyed EP, described by the band members as “the music for evening sessions in front of the switched-off TV set” received raving reviews in Slovakia and abroad including BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel. Bratislava-based music network Wegart and New York-based Tamizdat RPM became the principal distribution channels for the release.

nylon union live

Around the time of the EP release, Richard and Martin started to form a live band. Disappointed with overall sound based on just a guitar, bass and a drum track, they decided to find a drummer. On July 5th 2001, only three weeks before the first scheduled live show on the Pohoda festival, rehearsals started with a new drummer. The band’s first gig was, however, cancelled due to a severe storm and the drummer left the band few days later. Back with the simple setup Nylon Union played their first live gig at the Garden of Eden festival in Žiar nad Hronom on September 7th, 2001. Eventually, in November 2001, Matúš Homola became a third permanent member of Nylon Union. From December 2001 to July 2003 Nylon Union played numerous shows in Slovakia and the Czech Republic together with Abuse (now Autumnist), Martin and Matúš being members of the Abuse’s live band.

sine sine

After their last official show at Ponorka, Kežmarok, Slovakia on October 5th, 2002, the band’s debut album recording started, however, the material was left unfinished until early 2013. Nylon Union briefly reunited for the “10 Deadred Party”, the band’s record label 10th anniversary show in Trenčín, Slovakia on December 26th, 2011, which led to discussions on possible debut album release. Nylon Union released the track “4 by 6”, their first song in more than ten years, on the Ten Deadred compilation (DR-C019) commemorating the label’s anniversary. The work on debut release was also fueled by Dušan Bustin and Braňo Pepel at Kamikadze, who created Nylon Union’s new virtualized identity for the “Hyper A” track interactive video. Nylon Union released their debut album “Sine Sine” on December 12th, 2013. The album has been released as 12“ vinyl, CD, MP3 and FLAC simultaneously in Slovakia and Czech Republic on Deadred Records (DR-024) and Starcastic (STC-41) respectively.

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